(KO)  He's not happy about the little red hat. Why would his family put this thing on his head? He was hoping for a cowboy hat. He's the cowboy type. This red hat is just sad!

The Devil Dog hat. For when good pups get naughty.

German Shepherd-Collie cross, Geo pushed 10 year old Charlie out of the way of a pick-up truck and took the full force of the vehicle. He has a broken leg, fractured spine and severe bruising but is expected to make a full recovery. More proof of the loving, loyal friendship of a dog <3

Dog is boy’s best friend after saving him from hit-and-run driver

A 7 month old puppy named Geo pushed a 10 year old boy out of the way of oncoming truck and took the impact himself.

Hold your head down and don't look - it's my turn this time for a head start!

Future Police K9s

Mali and Jynxie’s new trick “Does Jynx want any treats?” Mali says NO, I’ll take his! These two gorgeous dogs were trained to do this new trick by Cheryl Goede