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A butterfly hostess gown of sapphire blue with brilliants and crystals and a silver turban worn by actress Evelyn Brent - 1920

Photo of Cecil Beaton for fans of Fashion Photography. Photographs by photographer Cecil Beaton

Photographs by photographer Cecil Beaton. Wallpaper and background photos of Cecil Beaton for fans of Fashion Photography images.

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Katherine Burke in a beautiful Ziegfield Follies costume (circa photography by Alfred Cheney Johnston “Beauty, of course, is the most important requirement and the paramount asset of the.

Myrna Loy, 1930.

beauty - "flapprer" Myrna Loy with bobbed hair and finger curls, vintage photo -

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#REDAPPLEKISS Hollywood stars like Clara Bow made the cupids bow lip – a self shaping lipstick developed by Helena Rubinstein – popular and the image of the 1920s woman with her bow lips and dark eyes peering out from under her cloche hat has defined the look to this day. Shaping the mouth became a major pastime for women, with metal lip tracers being sold to help achieve the perfect pout.

Clara Bow look -- thin, downturned eyebrows, rimmed eyes, cupid's bow

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Art Deco cloche hat with floral decoration. A Cloche Hat is a small, close-fitting hat with a small or large brim turned down around the face. It was popular during the similar to the popularity of the bob hairstyle.


1924 --- Alden Gay wearing an emerald and pearl necklace; a diamond and emerald cabochon headband; bracelets of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires; a square emerald ring; an oblong pin of pave diamonds and square emeralds;

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Traveling through history of Photography.Ziegfeld Follies Girl, Gladys Glad by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1920