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“The greatest illusion is that we have limitations”- Robert A. Monroe" Try for hypnosis.

Coccoliet Emiliania Huxleyi (klimaat regulerende alg).

infinity-imagined: Coccolithophores are microscopic algae that first appeared 220 million years ago, and flourished during the cretaceous period. They constantly remove carbon from the atmosphere as they die and sink to the ocean floor, producing chalk.

Magnolia I think?

Pen and ink flower. "Pen and ink of a flower is usually heavy on exaggerated values to deepen effect of curves in images. Though this is a drawing, it has incredible depth in the shadows and shading

To this day, they are her favorite creatures. Oxford Entomology, Natural History in Oxford Pitt Rivers.

Maori Face © Sharp Photography New Zealand I decided to look at face tattoos from prison to tribal tattoos

MAORI: Portrait of a Maori man with Tā moko on his face. Bold, swirling patterns, as is traditional.

I have these plants for Mike and Yuting's garden: Seed pod from Chinese lanterns. As the beautiful orange lantern decays it leaves a weblike cocoon which finally releases the seed at the right time. Evidence of design.

Sacred Geometry. The double helix DNA spiral is one of the most important structures in life.

LIFE IS A SPIRAL - Sacred Geometry. The double helix DNA spiral is one of the most important structures in life.

Кельтские картинки для хомяков )

Combines my patron God & my personal power symbol. :) (Stag Lord Herne Cernunnos Celtic Spiral Print by nethersphere)

Ernst Haeckel.  A German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including anthropogeny, ecology, phylum, phylogeny, stem cell, and Protista. (Source wiki)

Ernst Haeckel, German naturalist profoundly influenced by Humboldt, Haeckel endeavored to bring together his love of science and art.

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Education by Aleks Klepnev My mother, as a child, had to put on gas masks during the second world war, they smelt like the sweets pear drops and ever after she never ate pear drops, the smell u

The translation for the provided caption had nothing to do with butterflies…

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Эрнст Геккель. Красота форм в природе, 1904 (100 работ)

Phaeodaria from Kunstformen der Natur (German for Art Forms of Nature), c. 1899 - 1904 by German biologist Ernst Haeckel

Эрнст Геккель: искусство и биология.

Ernst Haeckel Jellyfish Art Print or Poster - Ethereal Blue Comb Jellyfish Poster - Haeckel Art - Nautical Art - Wall Hanging - Giclee Print


Romanian Cristian Boian& Digital Art & For a tutorial on how he produces his art using automated techniques and mathematical curves, see & actions to create organic imagery& Computer Arts magazine online.