The Art of Florian Bertmer: Lord of the Rings print - "Witch King and the Fell Beast"

Cool Art: 'Witch King And Fell Beast' The Lord Of The Rings Print by Florian Bertmer (Variant Edition)

Kings of Gondor

Kings of Gondor, but they forgot the Kings of Numenor! I really was looking forward to reading a summery from Elros to Aragorn, but I suppose it would be too long anyway.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Officially licensed screen-print for the first of The Lord of the Rings trilogy commissioned by Bottleneck Gallery in New York.


gorlassar: “ Celebrimbor from The Shadows of Mordor [and the Silmarillion] for Palette ”

Exclusive Look: Amazing Movie Posters From Mondo’s New Gallery Show

Exclusive Look: Amazing Movie Posters From Mondo’s New Gallery Show

Servants of Sauron Mike Sutfin poster Mondo movie print Lord of the Rings

Eowyn contre le Roi-Sorcier d'Angmar

Eowyn contre le Roi-Sorcier d'Angmar

XIII. Death. Nazgûl. LOTR. Russia-based artist who goes by the deviantART handle SceithAilm has finally given the world what it has always needed: a set of tarot cards using Lord of the Rings characters. via Flavorwire via Laughing Squid

Beautifully Illustrated ‘Lord of the Rings’ Tarot Cards

Tarot: Death by ~SceithAilm on deviantART - Fingers crossed she finished the whole set. Would love a working deck of these Lord of the Rings tarot cards.

Lord of the Rings illustrations by Jian Guo, #5 I am no man.

Artist Jian Guo has taken passages, characters and scenes from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books by JRR Tolkien and created beautiful digital stained glass works of art.

Lord of the Rings Tarot - The Tower

Tarot: The Tower by SceithAilm on DeviantArt. This artist has done the entire major arcana with a Lord of the Rings theme.

O Senhor do Tarot... Cartas de Tarot inspiradas em O Senhor dos Anéis.

The Lord of the Rings tarot deck by Scieth Ailm is rather good. The Russian artist is generous with her work, giving goodies like geeky calendars away for free on her Deviant Art page.