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Disney/Pixar’s Old Man

Pixar’s Old Man

Weird, I didn't notice that. I noticed that the guy who fixed woody was the same guy who played chess with that guy, but I didn't notice the chess pieces in drawers, and neither the aristocrats.

Gonna attempt making Ariel's skirt!

13 Modern Day Disney looks--not a fan of how short most of the skirts are, but I like the art. They are by far my favorite modern princess drawings


In movies, gloves are usually a sign of you hiding something. Elsa wore gloves to hide her powers but gets rid of them when she's ready to let her powers go. Guess who else wears gloves?

Sad. But I believe Tadashi stayed with Hiro in Baymax and Baymax 2. His spirit is in the chip and so he controls Baymax, but when Hiro threw the chip out, he lost control of Baymax, and Baymax went terminator mode. That's my theory. Tadashi never left Hiro.

I believe Tadashi stayed with Hiro in Baymax. His spirit is in the chip and so he controls Baymax. Tadashi never left Hiro.

Tell me I'm not the only one to have found this? Surely not... Come on, don't let me down!

Top 30 Best Frozen Quotes and Pics

Marshmallow is the new Queen on the block. Frozen Episode Marshmallow Strikes Back

Ironic I watched an Inside Out Easter egg video on YouTube

Inside Out easter eggs

This is a collage of Easter eggs from the film Inside-Out. I chose this collage because I really like Inside-Out and it has some great Easter eggs.