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Borgås hjemmelaget saft

Borgås hjemmelaget saft

A homemade root cellar.  Dig a hole in the ground, set a trashcan with lid on inside, add your root veggies, put a bale of straw over top.  You can also store grains inside a old deep freeze (unplugged) or some root veggies, in a out building.  We fed our sheep and goats that way one Winter in Wisconsin.

Sweet, Crunchy Winter Carrots - Create this mini root cellar to preserve your root vegetables. To make a nifty, mini root cellar right in the garden, simply bury a bucket and cover it with a straw bale. Keeps them fresh, sweet and crisp

The best way to water your garden is to set up a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer. But what if you do not have that option?. If so, a great option is to bury a milk jug with holes drilled in it next to your plants. To water all you have to do is stick the hose in the top of the jug and fill up the milk jug and you are done! It also makes it easy to fertilize, add a scoup of fertilizer into the jug and add water and you are done!

10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 3

DIY drip irrigation system: bury a milk jug with holes drilled in it next to your plants. Stick the hose in the top of the jug and fill with water. Also works for feeding: add a scoop of fertilizer into the jug and add water.

DIY Mini Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouses - Recyle Old Material for Plants -

Hake a Mini Green house. Inexpensive Mini-Greenhouse You can build this raised garden bed mini-greenhouse to extend your growing season with used railroad ties for the base and some scrap wood and sheet plastic for the cover.

Fin gryte

Fin gryte

Fin vannkoker

Fin vannkoker

Growing avocados. I remember this step from childhood, but that's as far as we went. I'll try again.

Grow your own avocado plant DIY tutorial (i've done this several times--absolutely works; have one avacado plant about 4 feet tall & about 3 feet wide)

Bucket irrigation system. Could be hung on an old clothesline post. The article mentions filling the buckets with water, but I would use it as a rainwater collection system. Close the valve on rainy days then open it when the garden needs water.

Chapin Bucket irrigation kit- used by missionaries in world countries and costs about 7 dollars to irrigate two 50 rows. Its effective, cheap and simple. Fill the buckets times daily and thats it.

Great DIY Idea.  I like this better than the drip systems you can piece together simply because it is easier to modify and replace the  soaker and regular hose segments and they aren't rigid.

Garden Row Snip-n-Drip Soaker System lets you create a convenient watering system for your vegetable garden. No special tools required — just use scissors to cut the hoses to the sizes you need. Snap the fittings in place and you’re ready to water.

black and white photos with a house plant in a window for a modern #bungalow look

Reform Kitchen / green inspiration / plants / My newest indoor plant adventure: The Elephant Ear

Myeongbeom Kim

"Balloon Tree", Art Installation by Myeongbeom Kim (.and yes I'm from that generation that hears red balloons" / "neunundneunzig luftballons" on seeing this ~ Carol @ Merrin Joinery)

ventoso by Antonino Sciortino #madeinsicily

ventoso by Antonino Sciortino, Sicilian designer living in Milano

The Leica camera designed by Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson for Red Charity <3

Two of the world’s foremost design pioneers, Apple’s designer Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson have collaborated on a beautiful, special edition Leica M to be a auctioned at the upcoming (RED) Auction at Sotheby’s New York.

Make a rain barrel from a garbage can.  I've been wanting more rainbarrels, but too much $.  this sounds great!

Save Water (and Money!) By Making Your Own Rain Barrel

Make a rain barrel, save water. Can be used for waste water from washing, cooking, etc.