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Most gorgeous night sky!

Joyful jumping, kilted men, and the starriest night ever

As picture-perfect settings go there could have been no better for newlyweds Shirley and Warren Andrews, whose wedding photographer, Lakshal Perera, captured the couple in front of a stunning star-filled sky using just a single 71 second exposure.

This picture is an amazing example of night photography. The brightness and colours of the stars are really breathtaking. Picture by Lincoln Harrison

Grand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming (Royce Bair)

Milky Way stars over Grand Teton Mountain Range at Grand Teton National Park on August 2011 in Wyoming Salt Lake City photographer Royce Bair

How to Shoot Star Trails & Out of This World Night Sky Photos

Teske Goldsworthy Young, How to Shoot Star Trails & Out of This World Night Sky Photos. The moon is at super perigree this Saturday night - You and Bob, Faye and I should get together to take pictures and watch.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and felt a strong sense of belonging? Maybe our souls are not only bound to this Earth yet incarnated from worlds far beyond our current understanding. Whether this means life out in the distant galaxies or another realm beyond our current famirlarity, you cannot deny the intense awe and belief that there is something more by simply gazing at the stars. <3

photograph landscape night stars "Black swan" by Mikko Lagerstedt

Comet Hyakutake~ 1996

Pinner wrote: Comet Hyakutake this beautiful comet graced the skies in 1996 fabulous photo! I remember seeing this comet!

elven avenue, at night....

An Enchanting Photograph Of A Starry Night

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