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Patterned Roll Cake Recipe to make a striped roll cake, heart roll cake and dumb ways to die picture roll cake. How-to tutorial with video by Ann Reardon

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Learn how to make a Japanese Roll cake, aka a joconde imprime cake, and add an inlayed design. Tips, tools and ingredients listed below.

OMG, I love this design! I'm not that great of an artist freehand though, so I'll need the pattern under the parchment paper. In other pix like this, a coloring book sketch placed under the parchment paper was used to trace the figure or design.  From a Russian blog (it looks like) with great baking tips

Fill a pastry bag with the batter for the pattern and draw that, bake it in the oven for a minute and a half, and then fill in the rest with the sponge cake batter.

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Hearts Patterned Roll Cake I made one of these for a friend's Birthday last Friday, but with a different design, more fitting for a male.

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Simple Hello Kitty Swiss Roll Cake Ideas from amazing content creators from around the web.