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I kind of wish I was a muggle born at Hogwarts in the 21st century

I kind of wish I was a muggle born at Hogwarts in the century

Muggleborns doing the Mockingjay tune during the Tri-Wizard Tournament

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muggleborn and pureblood friends lol this is amazing

This should have happened.

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No but like, what if Harry heard Dudly's tv playing this, and told Hagrid? Then Hagrid would be all "I CANT HEAR YOU!" And the muggleborns would just scream louder and I just


No they would have light sabers and scare the crap out of every pure blood or use the force and grab things to make the puebloods go crazy and watch them trying to use magic without their wands!

This is funny, but I always got the implication from the books that there had been people trying out for Seeker, but none of them had been very good. So McGonagall stepped in because she loves her House team.

The Muggleborn who calls wizards on their BS: | 17 Posts About Muggleborns That Will Make Harry Potter Fans Laugh

The Muggle-born who calls wizards on their BS:

17 Posts About Muggle-Borns That Will Make Harry Potter Fans Laugh

Muggleborn headcanons are the best.

Muggle borns of Hogwarts<<I need this to happen<<<<i actualy started daydreaming about this on a bus and i started laughing and about 15 people turned around and stared at me.

Muggleborn headcanons part 2 - Imgur

Muggleborn headcanons part 2

An entire season of more than ten episodes into one summer vacay? Honey, try 5 seasons, and that's with time to spare for all the summer trip-traps.

Muggle Borns at Hogwarts

i wonder how hogwarts has to change in the "modern" times!

I agree with the third comment wholeheartedly.

Add your amortentia. My potion would smell like: fresh baked subway bread, old books, and bacon -Kasie Kitty Mine would be freshly mowed grass, the ocean, and old books.

During off periods&on weekends teens run throughout the castle carrying phones/laptops/chargers looking fed up w/life until they finally find the area where the wifi connects again&they immediately drop back to the floor to the same positions they were in in the last area. Small groups of teens during Christmas break running through the castle in pjs,wrapped in blankets,carrying hot drinks from the kitchen,chasing the signal for days at a time because they've got nothing else to do & it's…

Would be awesome, but electricity and muggle tech doesnt work in Hogwarts, remember?

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muggleborns at hogwarts rip purebloods

And the older ones soon join in after this have occurred and soon the majority of the house joins them whenever they watch something Disney

This is so cute <<-- older students watch secretly and scare the younger ones on accident