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Boys who smile wen you two make eye contact.

Boys who

Ummmm these boys exists?

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this may seem romantic but i see it as something weird, since you are touching me without my consent. back off unless you want some major pain.

I tell my daughter this! Boys be messing with her all the time! They better step off suckers, cuss MOM is worst than daddy, lol

when boys quotes

Some Things I Love About Boys

Some Things I Love About Boys

dear prince charming, from me to you ... ♥

Boys who let you lean on their shoulders

I have a few.....and i smile everytime i see them!

Boys who have muscular calves

Blue eyes

All three of my boys!

Umm yes!!!

I find it cute when boys, -make weird faces -dance ridiculously -laugh -sing to you (no matter how bad they are) -bite their lower lip -are funny -tease me a little -lick their lips -say "aww" -don't you.>>>>> ugggghhhh i want a boyfriend!

The Art of a Smile

Admit it. Every girl wants a boyfriend. so true i may not act like it but i fantasize daily of having a boyfriend like anyone else

Your Perfect Boy

Your Perfect Boy

Love worth the effort.

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Theo is a dreamboat.... this is why I <3 him. :D

So true Theo so true

15 Reasons Why Josh Hutcherson Is The Perfect Boyfriend

15 Reasons Why Josh Hutcherson Is The Perfect Boyfriend

When your crush texts you / iFunny :)

True-except change husband to boyfriend!

My favorite place is hubby's shoulder to fall asleep on

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