Wouldn't you love to hear what Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey were discussing on that lovely bench in the garden?  And who's that in the foreground listening in?

Virginia Woolf (née Stephen), by Lady Ottoline Morrell, June 1923 - NPG - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Leonard Woolf with his pet marmoset, Mitzi, in his hand in 1932

Leonard Woolf: Life After Virginia

Leonard Woolf writer, publisher, socialist, and husband of Virginia Woolf. Before her suicide, Virginia maintained it was his loving kindness that allowed her to live so long.

Lytton Strachey

acandleandawick: “ Lytton & I stood in a window, & looked (at least I looked) at a woman brushing her hair, high up in some by street, & silence descended. […] Then he told me how he lived for.

thevictorianlady:  Snapshots of Virginia Woolf

Philip Charles Thompson Richie and Virginia Woolf photographed by Lady Ottoline Morrell in June 1923

lytton-and-carrington.jpg (500×371)

Dora Carrington and Lytton Strachey, reading in a garden - Photographer unknown. I love this photograph - it says everything, to me, about the deep joys of reading and companionship.

VW (left), with Quentin Bell and Lydia Lopokova

Virginia Woolf (left) laughing with her nephew, Quentin Bell, and Lydia Lopokova.

Vanessa and Clive Bell with their sons, Julian and Quentin, in the garden of Asheham, the home of Leonard and Virginia Woolf. 1912. (Tate Archive)

1912 Vanessa & Clive Bell with their sons, Julian & Quentin, in the garden of Asheham, home of Leonard and Virginia Woolf.

Virginia Woolf, 1926

Lady Ottoline Morrell, Portrait of Virginia Woolf and Philip Edward Morrell, 1926

Virginia and Leonard Woolf on their wedding day, August, 1912.

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