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Free League Publishing is raising funds for Simon Stålenhag's Tales from the Loop on Kickstarter! Simon Stålenhag's paintings from a childhood that never was and a future that could have been – collected in a two book volume.

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Nearly three years ago, we already talked about the artist Simon Stalenhag , who leads us into a dystopian future through his illustrations, packed wi

Simon Stålenhag Paints a Fantastic Yet Familiar Future of Machines in Nature

Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery - a sci-fi vision of an alternate Sweden. This one is my favorite.

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Buckhorn Hill, Simon Stålenhag, Digital, 2016

Buckhorn Hill, Simon Stålenhag, Digital, 2016


awsome Illustrations, that paint a whole Story - Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery


Discover The Art of Simon Stålenhag, a Swedish concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet. Simon Stålenhag (b.

"Den Ryska Nallen" by Simon Stålenhag | Redbubble

archatlas: “The Dystopias of Simon StålenhagThe acclaimed artist, concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet Simon Stålenhag (b. is best known for his highly imaginative images and.

"Essoladan" by Simon Stålenhag | Redbubble

Stockholm, Sweden- based Self-taught illustrator Simon Stålenhag creates incredible illustrations depicting a world of science fiction inhabited by roaming mech robots.

Фотографии Саймон Сталенхаг | Simon Stalenhag – 33 альбома

"In late a runaway teenager and her yellow toy robot travel west through a strange USA, where the ruins of gigantic battle drones litter the countryside