Even though he lost the ability to speak Parseltongue after the part of Voldemort's soul was eradicated.

Eve has to come over every now and then for them to know she's alive, and they don't let her drink coffee so usually she's asleep by the second course or soup.

Umm why does she need galleons in heaven? Yes Kate, this was one of the few descriptions i wrote myself.<<<the marauders are dead too so the real question is why do any of them need galleons if they're dead


First of all, there are 13 years of school including kindergarten. Second, you didn't do 12 years in high school unless you're a complete idiot. This doesn't deserve to be pinned in my H Potter board!

Once you get a taste of that life, you never want to go back to that darkness. oh, the feeeeeeels! and WHO thought it was a good idea to name their tumblr url "themaraudersaredead"?!

Once you get a taste of that life, you never want to go back to that darkness. - just like harry going home to the dursley


Seriously guys stop with the Hufflepuff stereotypes << I love Hufflepuff House. I'm in Ravenclaw, but I love Hufflepuff House. Hufflepuffs truly are diamonds, as Jo said. What House is Jo in though?

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And Sirius is right next to her shouting insults about the way he treated Harry, while lupin glares at snape from the other diode of lily. <<< yesss like I don't feel like lily would have forgiven him for how he treated harry and his friends

That's okay. I didn't need my heart anyway...

Darnit now I'm getting feels from harry potter and the life he could've had that was stolen from him

If Harry were raised by Sirius and Remus.... pfft this would totally happen!!

Lol but the books explained why Harry had to be raised by the Dursleys--for his protection. Although, Sirius and Remus totally would have visited. Or maybe even moved in (against the Dursleys wishes of course). Omg that would have been hilarious

Me and my friend Quin are a Slytherin (Me) and Hufflepuff (Him). He actually has anger issues and I'm the one who always reminds him how to control himself.

harry potter - hufflepuffs and slytherins. This speaks to me as a Hufflepuff with a hot temper, also one of the nicest people I know is a slytherin. << this means a lot as a Slytherin

Harry Potter

Pardon the language but.that is epic. Please please please let that be real.