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good point, sir  Create quality for all by becoming an ambassador for LGBTQ rights at http://www.fuzeus.com

This guy makes a good point…

I'm with the last person. The second too. But like wow okay that's not what I expected from tumblr

Same with guys, just because society treats 'em nicer in general, doesn't mean they can't have a crap life goin' on. They shouldn't have to apologize for being a certain gender, 'cus that's some Carrie style crap.


Because when I didn't leave my wallet in plain view and then locked the car what I was REALLY doing was ensuring another person was robbed. I should've just allowed MY things to be taken.

If you're a 'nice guy' , then don't make unsolicited comments about me ~ A (by: @foreverfeminism on instagram)

"Nice guys" need to start minding their own fucking business yo no girl putting on liquid eyeliner wants to be disturbed that stuff is hard to do <<< PREACH

Who is this man? Im fairly certain he and I are going to get married. I LOVE it when men speak up about situations like this and who arent afraid to speak their minds about ridiculous beauty standards.

I LOVE it when people speak up about situations like this and who aren't afraid to speak their minds about ridiculous beauty standards. I Love Adele.

I have the pictures somewhere and lemme tell you this woman's daughter is also the most well-behaved baby girl I have ever seen

Licia Ronzulli parliament member takes her baby to council meetings feminism equality

Marriage equality was not the finish line. Just want to add one more: adoption rights

You think we have equality? Not by a long shot. We have only a couple planks for a bridge to close the gap of equality, and we still need more planks, the ropes, and the tethers.

Supporting, suicide/depression (previous, thankfully), lgbtq+, bullied (previously) and disorder (on technical terms although i don't really hate being madd~)