Me when I was little!!! Tribute Princess Leia By Http://

10+ Touching Tributes To Late Carrie Fisher By Artists Around The World

rhubarbes: “ArtStation - Hope: Princess Leia Tribute, by Guillem H.

Ah, o pequeno emo Kylo Ren Certamente você já escutou falar (ou comprou pra você, ou deu de presente pra toda a sua família - o que é o meu caso) daqueles livros ilustrados lindinhos que mostram a infância dos personagens Leia Organa e Luke Skywalker, de Star Wars, reimaginados. Darth Vader é o intrépido…

Star Wars encontra Calvin e Haroldo em 13 ilustrações lindinhas

Artist Brian Kesinger won’t stop with the Calvin & Hobbes Star Wars art and I hope he never does! We’ve already done a couple posts featuring characters from The Force Awakens in the style of Calvin & Hobbes that you can see here and here.

If Star Wars Existed In A 1980′s High School

If Star Wars Existed In A 1980′s High School

If Star Wars Existed In A High School <--- I had a slight mental break down at the shorts because omg it just makes a funny mental image.

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La vida de un storm trooper de lego

Life of a Stormtrooper…

Funny pictures about The Life Of A Stormtrooper. Oh, and cool pics about The Life Of A Stormtrooper. Also, The Life Of A Stormtrooper photos.

I've always loved this. The film titles were always open for interpretation, much like the films themselves! I think that's why the movies are classic: you were never just told something in Star Wars. As the audience, you were expected to figure it all out for yourself. That's what makes good movies.

Thought this was cool

I thought Luke was the jedi who returned because all the other jedi had died, but Luke became a jedi and so the jedi were restored. Luke and Vader BOTH returned. Because "Jedi" can be plural.

Know Your Enemy Xenomorph

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based art director and illustrator Ryan Brinkerhoff of Bandito Design Co. has created Know your enemy: Xenomorph, an art print inspired by James Cameron's classic sci-fi action horror film Aliens.

Frickin disrespectful kids.

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ArtStation - ilm challenge round 1, Kris Turvey

A keyframe concept produced for the 2016 Artstation/Industrial Light & Magic Star Wars Challenge. The brief was to imagine new, emotional story moments using the original characters.