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David :)

David Tennant on his hand << Well. not his hand XD

OMG!! This makes me so happy.

I'd love to see the Doctor and Stormy all grown up. Make it happen, Moffat! All I'm thinking is Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, grows up to be Tom Hiddleston I vote YES!

Eleven - another quote my daughter sent to me. . . i'm getting the message - weird is ok. . .

Thirty Days of Doctor Who Meme Day 01 – Your Favorite Quote (From “The Lodger”, fifth series) Craig: Has anyone ever told you that you’re a bit weird? The Doctor: They never really stop.


That was most likely his exact thoughts: "That's debatable.

Capaldi is old Rory theory

I Don't Like When Crazy Stuff Sounds Right

I can just see Moffat laughing evilly. But if this was true I'd be extremely happy. I loved the Ponds.

3x06 Lazarus experiment

Lazarus experiment Doctor learns about his actual identity, science geek

The fact that his last words were, "I don't want to go!" just makes it so much worse. Ten's catchphrase was always "Allons-y!" (Let's go!

Hermits united :3 anyone wanna swap stones?

Utopia is. Every human know of Utopia. Bit of a hermit. A hermit with friends? We meet up, every ten years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a hermit.


His face is great. And is it just me or does it say "Snapes Hair" on the sign in the background?

are you suggesting the queen does the housework? - doctor who - the doctor quotes mary poppins

The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins! *Add to list of awesome things I never knewI didn't know! Wait, the Doctor has quoted Mary Poppins before. This means that theDoctor must be Mary Poppins!

This is perfect. I love Eleven so much, but at the same time I find him terrifying because of this.

"Don't play games with me." This is why i cry every time 11 is sad, and not every time 10 is sad

Respect should be universal.

Why David Tennant is the Best

I think it's the teacher in me talking but I love this! Putting yourself eye level with a child shows you respect them as people! He truly is an adorable man!


David Tennant shooting his final scenes (gif) every time I watch this I die a little bit inside :'( 10

Peter Davison's grandson, Tyler, being interviewed by his mum, Georgia Moffett. Now he's David Tennant's son, but this was from before they met.

Peter Davison's grandson, Tyler, being interviewed by his Mum, Georgia Moffett. Now he's David Tennant's son, but this was from before they met :D <<< And now his stepdad is his favorite Doctor.