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Boys over flowers HAHA IKR <3

Hahaha The scenes where he gets beat up by his sister are hilarious XD

Love... square?     Boys Over Flowers

Actually, Jan Di loved Ji Hoo quite a bit in the beginning. Then she realized she needed to give up on her first love and she went after Gu Jun Pyo.

Even after 6 years, #BoysOverFlowers still holds that special place in our hearts. #LeeMinHo is first up. Who do you want to see profiled next?

Even after 6 years, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ still holds that special place in our hearts.

Bous Over Flowers. She's the ultimate stepmother from Hell.

If someone made a site where you can slap and beat up charas in airing dramas I bet it would be insanely popular.


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