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Utforsk lignende emner

Jordbærmousse til kakepynt
Crescent roll pizzas! Make these all the time! Easy dinner night, just add a green salad!
Oslo Kringle Recipe

Oslo Kringle

Kake med Topprisfyll
Recipe for Pink Lemonade Sparkling Fruit Punch - We made the best juice mixture I’ve ever tasted. Hands down. A perfectly refreshing non-alcoholic beverage that was sweet and sparkly with just the amount of tart to give it that little kick. Delicious!

Pink Lemonade Sparkling Fruit Punch

Seven minute frosting
A blog about Norwegian recipes YUM

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta w/Goat Cheese

Den godaste silviakakan! (OBS. Gör med vanillinsocker så slipper man bitterheten)
On any celebration table in Norway you can always find a Norwegian layer cake (bløtkake).  A layer cake is just berries and cream between layers of vanilla sponge.  There are two main types of layer cakes that are particularly used for Norwegian Constitution Day – Cream Cake and Marzipan Cake.  The Marzipan and Cream cakes are basically the same except one uses marzipan as a covering and the other cream.
Whether they go by raspeball, kompe, klubb, or komle, there is no getting around it: we are talking about a hulking round of stodgy, rib-sticking, potato-y goodness.