Let's get organized.

Boxes on top for kids' art/school, fave decorating/cooking magazines below, then stationary, pictures, etc.

Week two in the C.H.a.O.S. series offers 7 Super Habits to get the party started. These will change your life! (They changed mine, anyway.)

C.H.a.O.S Week One {7 Super Habits}

These 7 Super Habits are so simple, but they'll make a huge difference in your life. They only take about 15 minutes, twice a day!**I know this from The Fly lady.

17 Tin Can Upcycle Ideas That Are Sure To Keep You SUPER Organized!

Hanging cans are a great way to store pens and pencils to clear up any office space! or in shop to store pens, pencils, drill bits, just let your imagination run wild

Framed peg board. I might need to put one of these up above the sewing table.

Dress up empty wall space with a pegboard storage area. Buy pegboard at your local hardware store and use it to store all of your scrapbooking tools.

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10 Ways to Organize with Baskets - what better way to organize than with something simple, pretty and inexpensive, like baskets! home organization, organizing ideas

Store acrylic paint with the bottom facing out to easily find the right color.

45 Organization Hacks To Transform Your Craft Room

Hobbies such as crafting, quilting, scrapbooking, card making, and sewing give many the satisfaction of taking a few quiet hours to create something unique with their own hands.  For any enthusiast, the supplies for creative hobbies can quickly takeover storage space in the home, so it’s helpful to have one dedicated zone where all of [...]

Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Crafts Supplies

I'm not picking this photo for my dream home for the color or style, but for the idea of a room devoted to art and craft projects. A room for me. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.