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Die Asta (2008)

Die Asta (2008)

☆ Les Jades Miniature :¦: By Artist Paul Jacoulet ☆

Artwork ID - Paul Jacoulet - Les Jades Miniature

Foto Marvellini_Milano

The Marvellini Brothers take vintage photographs and digitally alter them, recasting their subjects into an alternate history of the world with vintage superhero portraits.

Settai Komura (1887–1940) was a refined yet prolific Shin Hanga artist. As a kabuki stage set designer, he produced around 200 works. He also was an illustrator, painter and designer, ranging from woodblock prints, to posters, to advertising.

Images of a Changing World: Settai Komura (1887–1940)

The Art of Japan - Snowy Morning - Settai Komura - Japanese Woodblock print I love quiet treatment of the snow like a veil across the landscape

Chapter 1: Due to the Islamic Revolution Marjane and so was every other female  forced to wear a veil. Marjane was very confused about this, she did not like having to wear the veil but she felt bad because she thought she was going against her religion. This image is one form the book, I choose this one because I think it perfectly depicts how confused she was feeling about the viel situation.

from the graphic novel persepolis by Marjane Satrapi oil paint on canvas from persepolis