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Tiger Nautilus... I am so happy & grateful that the River of Life never stops flowing... It flows through me into lavish expression! My thoughts are directed exclusively towards abundance. Infinite riches are flowing to me easily and effortlessly. Extraordinary Abundance is all around me, I AM provided with abundance at any time and in every situation!! THANK YOU... Abundance Now and Always... AND SO IT IS!

Tiger Nautilus

Shell- portion of the OS (Operating System) that relates to the user and applications

caracola 2330 by orikanovich, - Google zoeken

Maple Leaf Triton - ღღ Unfortunately the name of these shells are not mentioned. If anyone knows theses shells by name, please add it in the comment line. ~~~~ Shells are Swell – Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography

Stunning 'Our World' photo contest winners

Stunning 'Our World' photo contest winners

If you are a big fan of scuba diving then you have probably heard of a popular place off the coast of St. Croix aptly named "The Wall." But at a certain point, the lush corals changes into a sharp and sudden drop — the sea floor drops two miles straight down. The waters almost instantly change from warm and crystal blue to an endless, jet black abyss. Even blue whales have returned from these depths with large wounds on them.

The Wall, Coast of St. Croix, USA at a certain point, the lush corals changes into a sharp and sudden drop — the sea floor drops two miles straight down

Tartaruga em Reprodução / jahsaude

My favorite thing- a boil! (baby sea turtles hatching and finding their way to the ocean)" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

jellyfish underwater

Jellyfish - beautiful and amazing! Jellyfish do not have a respiratory system since their skin is thin enough that their body is oxygenated through diffusion.

X - Reef and fish. The ocean has beautiful coral reef, fish and is the most peaceful place, we must also protect this environment from dumping.

Anenomies - peach, green, mustard yellow, grey, lilac  - Designcat Colour Inspiration Pallet

Nature's Artwork colourful sea urchin shells with beautiful texture and surface pattern inspiration

Beneath the ocean depths lies a whole different life, a new universe. Don't think that the world revolves around you.........We're all part of the great chain of life.

Red clouds tint the water into pink and purple below the ocean surface. Seahorse - "Beautiful red sea horse found at 90 feet. Taken in Puerto Galera, Philippines" - Flicker, Pyrrhic Victoria.

Stunning Photographs of Bora Bora, French Polynesia - One of Bora Bora's best experiences, swimming with the sea turtles at Le Meridien Bora Bora's Sea Turtle Sanctuary. I will definitely be visions the turtle sanctuary after this photography collection