Agfa Ansco 8x10 Camera

AGFA ANSCO 8x10 Camera + Holders Zeiss lens & Old film Great for Wet Plating

Houghton: Daguerreotype Tropical Sliding Box camera

Houghton: Daguerreotype Tropical Sliding Box Price Guide: estimate a camera value

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What a beautiful field camera. (Apparently – with thanks to Iain Claridge – it’s an Ebony large format camera).

Model: Model 46   Manufacturer: Century Camera Co.   Manufacture date: 1900's

Model 46 Centar Series II camera for exposures made by Century Camera Company circa Has rotating back with ground glass, double-extension bellows, front rise & fall, left-right shift and tilt.

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Info Camera Storage -Film cameras have to be developed so that we can observe the pictures. A tripod is important too. In addition, a tripod is essential. Put the camera on the tripod and be sure it’s secure.