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Jean Faucheur - Photographie 2000 ? 20..

"None but God is loved in the existent things. It is He who is manifest within every beloved to the eye of every lover and there is nothing in the existent realm that is not a lover" - Ibn Arabi Ibn Arabi


Monochrome Dress Art Installation - reflecting on the past & present and cultural commonalities // Laura Baruël ripped clothing silhouette sculptures;

Issey Miyake photographed in New York in 1988 by Irving Penn.

Issey Miyake: 45 years at the forefront of fashion

At Issey Miyake is still at the cutting edge of design. Tamsin Blanchard joins him in Tokyo

Né en 1938 à Hiroshima, et ayant grandi au Japon dans le contexte de l’après-guerre, Issey Miyake est l’un des premiers stylistes japonais à organiser un défilé en Europe en 1973. Admirateur des photographes tels que Irving Penn (Penn Sensu), Richard...

Issey Miyake

This would make an awesome Evil Queen costume 2...

maliciousglamour: “Le Smoking Tank, Volume Issue 4 Photographer: Ali Mahdavi Model: Marcelle Bittar Dress by Chloé ”

Fox You

Slovenian designer, Peter Movrin, known for his work for Lady Gaga, among others, grew up as a butcher's son.