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Robert Capa, [American Judith Stanton, Zermatt, Switzerland], © Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos.


25 October 1938 Bidding farewell to the International Brigades dismissed by the Republican government as a consequence of Stalin's friendship with Germany. Montblanc near Barcelona By Robert Capa

When we speak about Capa little is said of his color photography, which was taken in those rare times when he was away from war.

Magnum Square Print by Robert Capa – Magnum Photos/[Crewman signals another ship of an Allied convoy across the Atlantic from the U. to England], 1942 “ If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

Robert Capa — Une femme dans un bar de glace, Zürs, Autriche, 1949-1950

anglosquare: “ Woman at an ice bar, Austria Zurs, © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos ”

Robert Capa, L’actrice et mannequin française Capucine sur un balcon, Rome, Italie, août 1951, International Center of Photography, New York

Robert Capa Robert Capa et la Couleur 2016 Château de Tours.

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Robert Capa © International Center of Photography TUNISIA. A member of the French Camel Corps, the Meharists

Colette Laurent en las carreras de Chantilly, Francia, 1952. Por Robert Capa.

photos by Robert Capa: Gen X girl, Colette Laurent, at the Chantilly racetrack, France,

Robert Capa y John Steinbeck, o la extraña pareja fotógrafo-reportero

Robert Capa y John Steinbeck, o la extraña pareja fotógrafo-reportero

April, Robert CAPA holding his Contax camera on Japanese tank captured at the Battle of Tai'erzhuang.

Juliette Gréco fotografiada por Robert Doisneau

Juliette Gréco: la musa del existencialismo

Robert Doisneau Juliette Gréco, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris 1947 "A photographer who made a picture from a splendid moment, an accidental pose of someone or a beautiful scenery, is the finder of a treasure.

Robert Capa with unknown partner

Photographer unknown, Robert Capa dancing with an unidentified person. Date unknown.

robert capa, in colour | lamono magazine

Robert capa ski photographs capa show icp in Photography Two