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When you have your camera, it’s time to get started shooting! This camera has rather efficient technical proficiency. For this, you need not only a camera but lots of other equipment also.

Vintage cameras poster

8 Voigtlander Camera Drawings Limited Edition Print by would trade our digital cameras for one of these any day of the week.


Fujifilm Canada Announces Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera and Two XF Lenses - Photoxels - Digital Photography

Circa 1920. Kodak accordian folding camera, just sold one like this one the past week, what a beauty!! http://minivideocam.com/product-category/camera-cases/

Kodak Folding Camera America circa 1920 Kodak accordion folding camera with black case. Kodak is still around today making cameras and money!


We give you the Hasselblad 500 Series camera .

yashica mat 124

yashica mat A camera on my wish list, old school TLR

Ferrania Zeta Duplex

Le 100 macchine che hanno fatto la storia della fotografia

Ferrania Zeta Duplex With this design, Ferrania made it easy to "smile for the camera". The Zeta Duplex is a metal box camera, made in Italy Exposures (on 120 film) can be or and I'm guessing that's why it's called "Duplex".