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Regina hates when Draco gets into fights over people badmouthing her, but there's not much she can do to stop it.

i do tend to do that! i'm protective and a defender. i like people to think positively about people and things i like and love. -well I'm not a lover yet but I do not tolerate people talking behind me or my friends back!

Gemini ♊️

Gemini (Oh stop it, you flatter me too much! Another Gemini wrote that. I was going to type "well ;) I guess can turn down a compliment"

Im A Gemini...

thats for sure so i have rigged a few traps in my house im a gemini and so is my…

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You may look gorgeous or have the newest thing. I'll tell you I'm genuinely happy if you are. I'm not jealous of earthly riches though.