Which sexy star sign are you? We're loving this sensual zodiac series by 27 year-old artist Amanda Shallal, aka Mia Desu, taking her own erotic sp.

For Mental Health awareness month, we are putting all of Shawn's inktober illness designs available as tee shirts. Here's how you can help raise awareness. Shaw

InktoberIllnessTee - Major Depressive Disorder

Shawn Coss added 33 new photos to the album: Inktober Illnesses/Disorders

wednesday  fine art print  9x12 by JustinONealArt on Etsy

Wednesday - fine art print - 9x12

wednesday - fine art print - Was always told growing up as a kid that I resembled Wednesday Addams.

Sketch on cardboard with bic pen.

I love the linework on this image also. The taurus woman is such a beautiful concept!

Depression by Socolateh

Take a look at artworks by various artists and see how they feel or imagine depression.

Aries ~ girl on fire

Ruled by planet Mars and symbolized by the Ram, Aries is the first and most action-oriented zodiac sign: full of energy, highly competitive, brave, and reckless.

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Aries ~

Our bodies are ruled by a Life Energy, and its effects are most apparent when the stars align.