Raining Rubies - morbid but somehow brilliant... ruby

This is Couture Zombie! the zombie craze has inspired high fashion clothing designers! It makes me think of giant floral shoulderpads in a cascade design down the shoulders

inneroptics: “ Frida Kahlo ”

A “prettier” adaptation of Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait has been circulating the internet. Frida’s iconic look has been appropriated ever s…

Homemade beauty solutions...natural skincare recipes for dry skin The skin like the body is one of our most important possessions that we ar...

Complete Outfits For Women

This Diamond Wedding Ring is from the Verragio Insignia Collection.Verragio Single Prong Diamond Wedding Ring

18k White Gold Verragio INS-7034W Single Prong Diamond Wedding Ring

Hollywood waves

Summer style Fashion bun updo retro curls hair Even though I just got a haircut, still on the lookout. WITH BANGS .

Wedding Shawl Bridal Shawl Bridal Wrap Silver by softadditions, £40.00

Wedding Shawl Bridal Shawl Bridal Wrap Silver Grey Bridal Stole Shrug Scarf Wool with brooch

Old Hollywood… if you don't love at least one of these actors/actresses or movies, then something is wrong with you!

old hollywood is my ABSOLUTE favorite time period. Things were so glamorous and exciting. I think I lived in that time in another life.