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ABC bookcase All the great ideas are simple and this motto is so true when you look at the "Read Your Book Case", designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti, for the italian furniture design firm Saporiti.

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"REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection," writes Reinier De Jong Design on its official website. "The more books the bigger the bookcase gets.

Beautiful Geometric Bookcases

Take a look at this brilliant bookshelves we have selected for you today, and don't hesitate to get one for your lovely home.

This is me with the Bloodlines,  Vampire Academy,  Divergent and Delirium Series :)

I felt like this with the last Mortal Instruments book, the last Percy Jackson book, but most of all, the last Harry Potter. You can never read a book again for the first time

Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Banana Bread Pancakes http://media-cache7.pinterest.com/upload/20336635786844617_E9U1Obmt_f.jpg laura_adams confessions of a bibliophile

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

I thought I was the only one! I deliberately will go out of my way to buy the pre-movie cover. I literally REFUSE to buy a book with the movie cover.

Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804), author of The Critique of Pure Reason; famous for his single moral obligation, the "Categorical Imperative": that we should judge our actions by whether or not we would want everyone else to act the same way.

I was born with a reading list I will never finish. So, so true. I've often said I had another life to live in which I only read.

which maybe explains why I rush through the last few pages of a book -- sometimes to the point where I have to retrace those pages, once I 'recover' from the ending!

I love that sad-happy feeling I get when I finish a novel. (this is so true. there's always a bit of a mourning period, LOL)

Here is an out-of-the-box lighting design from Yeongwoo Kim. "Pouring Light" is an original lamp idea that manages to intrigue and fascinate its viewers, b

Pouring Pink Light Lamp Optical Illusion of A Remarkably Artistic Lighting Designs from Accessories

Studio Proxy married two utilitarian bookcases and birthed something rather extraordinary. Dubbed 'King of Siam' the offspring puts its prosaic parental units to shame.

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Funny pictures about Why old books smell so good. Oh, and cool pics about Why old books smell so good. Also, Why old books smell so good photos.

The Old Library, The Hague, The Netherlands

The Old Library, The Hague, The Netherlands

The Old Library, Handelingenkamer Tweede Kamer Der Staten-Generaal Den Hague, Netherlands I have the spiral stairs, am working on the wood.LöL A dream library for sure

Weekend Project: Diagonal bookcase

Weekend Project: Diagonal bookcase

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