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dke - This really works! I woke up on Friday with nagging cough. Went through a bottle of cough syrup with no relief. Tried this Saturday night. No more cough!   Nighttime Cough remedy  - mixed reviews on effectiveness. Comments welcome!

Nighttime Cough remedy Worth trying to see if its true! Will try tonight cos this chronic bronchitis isn't getting any better, 2 hours sleep from it.

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In middleschool when we had to do school performances, I would pull the "Doctor's appointment" gig! LOL

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Use Baby Vapor Rub on babies feet at bedtime and put in a sock, booties or footie PJs. Helps decongestant and elongate coughing up to 8 hours. I applied to my sick 18 month old tonight and he fell asleep asleep within minutes. This is definitely my "go to" remedy

Vicks Vapor Rub on Feet to Stop Nighttime Coughing baby. Baby version - (adult Vicks contains camphor which is toxic if ingested.