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Andrews tiny house

Tiny wood burning stove - I love how it is up off the ground, so it doesn't take up floor space, and it is easier to cook off of. Perfect for tiny house or camper


10 Easy Pieces: Freestanding Wood Stoves

"The diminutive Morsø wood stove and its hearth of local Criehaven beach stone gives off enough heat to warm the entire cottage." I love the pebbled floor under the stove!

Ode à la vie de chalet

I love the sink, but a wood cook stove would be preferred over what is installed. Might be an idea for a cabin or tiny house.

I remember falling in love with the idea of living in a tiny house last  Christmas while back in Michigan. I was watching tv with my mom and sister  watching whatever was on HGTV when a show about Tiny House's came on. I  suddenly became enthralled with this small house on wheels.  I became swept up in the romantic idea of moving wherever you wanted with  your home right behind your truck. Boston one day, Cali the next? Done. We  continued to watch the show and I loved the idea of living…

Tiny House

Kitchen storage ideas Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny Kitchen on the Colorado Range Kitchen Spotlight


Austin Tiny House interior In Love with that couch swing! this is purrfect! i could see the cats now running up and down those alternating stairs!

Lamon Luther is having another tiny house giveaway! The winner will be selected on September 25th and all entries need to be submitted by September 24th.

Tiny House Giveaway #4 by Lamon Luther