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Don't worry everything Whale All Be Fine❤❤

Don't worry everything Whale All Be Fine❤❤

Personal note: Sorry I hadn’t posted for a bit! I moved into my pretty large dorm, met my two new roommates (who are very nice!), had some moments of feeling lost and lonely, but then had some moments of laughs and fun and new friends. ^^ I’ve been too busy to answer my inbox for a bit, but I will get to that soon! Thank you all for being behind me.

This is soooo cutie penguin telling you anything is possible so make him happy and try impossible!

I can't remember what not tired felt like.

I can't remember what not tired feels like. Sometimes the extreme exhaustion of my RA, and fibromyalgia is much harder to deal with than the pain.

Believe it! #motivation

chibird: Do not worry little bean, you have grown so much now, and you will grow so much in the future. Keep on being the best bean you can!

Faith  Shame Worth www.theshamelesslife.com

Tattoo inspiration Be you, bravely with wreath border. Really love the font and the way the wreath interacts with the text.

A motivational squirrel (animal variety~) to remind you that if things aren’t great now, they can change for the better. There is time to work on your happiness, at every point in your life.

99 problems, 86 are imaginary scenarios

Funny pictures about Stressing for no logical reason. Oh, and cool pics about Stressing for no logical reason. Also, Stressing for no logical reason.

chibird: chibird: Life is tough, but so are you! Good luck on finals to all who are taking them this week! >u< I have my first one in less than 12 hours!

This is so true! I an perfectly fine watching tv all day as long as you are sitting next to me.

I could sit all day an watch bad television with you

If the hurt you

Don’t worry about being lonely for long- you will find the other people out there who are just like you. It’s not selfish if you distance yourself from people who hurt you or drag you down. I just had a sleepover with my best friends from high.

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