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When your greatest admirer is as adorable as this precious kitten, it's hard to have a bad day! Soak up the good vibes and make time for play time!

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21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Make You Fall in Love

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okay guys i gotta be honest, i love orange tabby cats, they are so pretty and cute and i just love them

Playtime can be an essential a part of pet life. Cats are benefited by It’s a thing that, advancing entirely through the geriatric years and beginning in kittenhood. Just how as she ages might alter however the want a pet represents should ideally remain throughout a cat’s existence.

Are My Cats Fighting Or Playing

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A cat worth fighting for

Cuteness Overload: Best Cats, Dogs and Cute Animals. — This picture makes me so happy Source:.<<I saw this and screamed from cuteness overload