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Pony Head Tutorial by CuTTyCommando on DeviantArt

this one is less of a tutorial than the other one, but i hope it's still helpful leg tutorial -> [link] wing tutorial -> [link] Pony Head Tutorial


Seems like was having some trouble drawing ponies, so I threw together some quick hints. I tend to express myself better pictorially than verbally and this was easier and faster for them than writi.

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Pony Wing Tutorial by CuTTyCommando on DeviantArt

hope this helps leg tutorial -> [link] head tutorial -> [link] Pony Wing Tutorial

How to Draw Rainbow Dash - or any other of the current generation of Ponies.  I don't have any of these, but they are popular.  I'll have to buy one or two, and...uh oh, that's how it starts!

Okay guys, here's my quick tutorial on how to draw mlp ponies. The colors correspond to the part of the drawing in the panel you'll be looking . How to Draw Ponies: MLP Style

Pony Leg Tutorial by CuTTyCommando on DeviantArt

i have seen too many awesome pictures ruined because the ponies look like they have no bones in their legs i hope this helps head tutorial -> [link] .

Step by step pony by Chiramii-chan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Something I made a little while ago for some friends as they asked me how I draw ponies. [Edit Here's an update about how I usually start drawing ponies now:

Pony Fashion Study by ~Why485 on deviantART

Basic Mlp Drawing Clothing Tips <<< I'm not gonna draw MLP, I'm gonna use this for dragon clothes!

My little pony Tutorial : Part 1 by xYarks

I ran out of idea, so I did a tutorial about how I draw pony. My little pony Tutorial : Part 1

Tips 'n tricks - how to pony? by Alumx on DeviantArt

A quick little tutorial for those who want to pony even more ^^ Feel free to ask anything you want ***add info*** PS