Jen Corace

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Caught Up - Jen Corace

Tiny, user-submitted, limited-run, amazingly high-quality and archival artwork. KEEP SHOWCASE TINY.

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Spray Glue: January 2007

Airplane Tub Monster Jen Corace's work reminds me of the vintage animation work created by Winsor McKay-- sort of if Gertie the Dinosaur me.

I am totally in love with Jen Corace's work, that I only discovered a while ago. Her "economy of mood" is remarkable, evoking emotion and depth with the littlest of elements.

landpdx: “ Join us at Land Gallery this Thursday, September 2014 at for a wine reception with visiting artist Jen Corace. Jen Corace is a freelance illustrator from Rhode Island, who has.

Jen Corace

Jen Corace Asset International, Bells and Whistles illustration