A simple design that gives off the simple, healthy vibes of the product.

Vancouver based Happy Water has launched Neurogenesis Happy Water which contains ppm of lithium (lithia salts) from springs in the British Columbian mountain ranges. Potential Beverage Innovation Awards winner at Drinktec?

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Clarity Water (Student Work)

Packaging Inspiration | #1146

30 Beautiful & Creative Bottle Designs

Amazing photography style Photography ideas: staging your comic with related props. For example, these bottles are staged with the fruit that is in their ingredients.

ZEO - This new premium non-alcoholic beverage blurs the line between the traditional looks of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage designs.


Wonderfully unusual’ non-alcoholic adult beverage ZEO has been given a spectacular brand expression by integrated brand design agency Blue Marlin

If It's Hip, It's Here: A Great Bottle Design by Karim Rashid and Fabulous Brand Imagery For One Weird Vodka: AnestasiA Sensational Spirit..

Karim Rashid's packaging designs for AnestasiA Vodka from start to finish. Such an inspiring design!

Ⓑ Gris 12 pencil package, designed by Kevin Angeloni, from Switzerland #Pencil #Design #Package

Ⓑ Gris 12 pencil package, designed by Kevin Angeloni, from Switzerland - Looks like test tubes!

H2O del Montseny - Aigua del Montseny

A brand created with the aim of entering the designer water market. A set of different-sized bottles transmits modernity through its innovat.