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Wasser-Autobahn zwischen Schweden und Dänemark Foto: madafacar

OK so when you drive on a bridge over water you roll down a window. So what do you do if you drive on a bridge under water?Amazing Engineering - This bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. The made part of the path go underwater to let ships pass.

The Atlantic Ocean Road or the Atlantic Road (Norwegian: Atlanterhavsveien) is a 8.3-kilometer (5.2 mi) long section of County Road 64 which runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy in Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

How about this for an amazing road trip? The Atlantic Road in Norway is km miles) long and has been built on many small islands and skerries. Many bridges of different sizes connect this road which opened in Some of the bridges jut out over the sea!

'Yellow Brick Road' Bay Bridge at night, San Francisco, California by Aaron Reed

'Yellow Brick Road' Bay Bridge at night, San Francisco, California, USA by Aaron Reed.use to live right off that bridge on Treasure Island.

Самое интересное в строительстве, дизайн и ремонт. – Спільнота – Google+

Millau Viaduct Bridge - France - The world’s tallest bridge, located in Southern France

La calzada del lago Pontchartrain consiste en dos #puentes paralelos que cruzan el lago Pontchartrain al sur de Luisiana, en Estados Unidos. El más largo de ellos posee una longitud de 38,42 km y también es el segundo más largo del mundo sobre el agua.

The longest bridge in the world, The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, is a causeway composed of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana, United States. The longer of the two bridges is miles long. Going here during the summer!

Puente que conecta Dinamarca y Suecia, parte transcurre bajo el agua para permitir el paso de los barcos, Dinamarca

Travel to Sweden from Denmark and take this bridge. Øresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark, it goes underwater to allow the boats to pass.

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All i wanted to do today was drive far far away. On the road again, beauty, blue sky, photo

Giro d'Italia, Passo dello Stelvio 2012 - Who wouldn't want to climb these mountains with a bike?

Not TOO Scary ! From the Giro d’Italia Stage 20 - Passo dello Stelvio.

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Sapporo, Japan: snow sculptures, skiing, traditional Japanese architecture, and hot springs. -Most amazing place in Japan. The snow and ice sculptures are incredible!