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One of the truly modernistic designs of American WWII poster art, showing bomb falling on Japanese flag with Swastika in center. This is pictured in numerous books on the history of poster art! A rare and spectacular poster, one of my favorites.

Uncle Sam exhorts you to get involved. Vintage WWII poster.

Historic posters, prints and art for sale. These WWII posters were created to support the war effort, increase sales of war bonds, encourage enlistment and improve morale and support of the war. Our WWII Posters are museum quality reproductions.

"We've Just Begun To Fight!"

We've Just Begun to fight! Office for Emergency Management OWI Domestic Operations Branch Bureau of Special Services Packer c.

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"Stop Stealing Tools! That Crew Will Need Them In Combat" ~ WWII poster, ca. (Another american looking WWII poster)

Way to the Planets is Open! Gagarin Vostok Space, 1961 - original vintage poster by B. Berezovsky listed on AntikBar.co.uk

Way to the Planets is Open! Gagarin Vostok Space, 1961 - original vintage poster by B.

This not-so-subtle poster by artist Homer Ansley was used during WWII to remind citizens to be cautious about careless talk and let the military do the speaking with heavy weapons: 'Let me do the talk

Let Me Do the Talking

This vintage World War II poster features a large artillery cannon. It reads, "Let Me Do The Talking! Serve In Silence". Celebrate American and History with this digitally restored vintage war poster from The War Is Hell Store.

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19 Incredible British Propaganda Posters From World War Two - Business Insider

WORLD WAR II: POSTER. 'Tittle Tattle Lost the Battle.' British World War II poster warning against the dangers of careless talk.

World War II: Poster Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Granger

Not American, but an interesting vintage British poster: Tittle Tattle Lost the Battle

A U.S. Army recruiting poster. #WWII

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Helping to Crack the World's Biggest NUT ~ US WWII poster, 1942-1945

Powerful visual metaphors were common and remain common in public propaganda imagery, a quality that will be noted and used for my project.

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Posters Artwork Documents - Step On It

Ivy's brother tries and succeeds in joining the army to fight in WWII

WWII Posters

In World War posters were used to help to keep the country motivated and believing in the great war. WWII propaganda posters were also a big part of disseminating the governments message. Rosie the Riveter may be one of the most famous examples.

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Japanese Propaganda - U. are really up to vengeance that they don't want to save his face. The poster sums up everything.