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15 Useful Things You Can Build With That Old Lego... - Alison Coldridge

LEGO Cake Plate for Kid's Birthday Party! FORGET THE KIDS' PARTY.I'd use this regularly just for every-day use. No actual instructions, but you can get the jist of it!

Lego Birthday Party Utensil Holder - Pinned more than 6,500 times! Check out all these cool #lego #ninjago #birthdayparty ideas

Kid-Crafted Lego Ninjago Birthday Party

Lego Birthday Party Utensil Holder - Pinned more than times! Check out all these cool ideas (Cool Easy Birthday)

Lego candle holder

Creative Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Lego party - Lego guy holding the birthday candle! Lots more cute lego party ideas on this site.


Lego Ninjago cake for Cal’s birthday including gumpaste Legos and hand-painted Ninja.

balloon weights - M's or Red Hots for party

I have a billion mason jars. Maybe instead of balloons we do lego heads off dowel rods?Lego Birthday Party (Table Runner from bubble wrap and green spray paint)

The ULTIMATE list of LEGO® party games! #legoparty

The ultimate list of LEGO® party games

LEGO® party planning mamas, look no further! I’ve put together a handy-dandy (and dare I say ultimate) list of LEGO party games! There are so many fun ways to keep kids entertained with LEGO bricks, or with themed games like “Pin the Head on the .

Amazing Lego Party - love the giant lego background block, the cool lego gift bags and the fun foods!

Lego Inspired Birthday Desserts Table & Party Ideas

Lego Inspired Desserts Table - DIY Ideas on food, drinks, desserts and party favors to help you celebrate in style without breaking the bank!

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Oreo "cake pops" using the My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Mold. (I like this display idea)

lego party table : Incorporate Lego bricks and flat plates into your decor as serving platf0rms.

A boy's Lego party packed with fun! Lego cake stands, Lego & mini figure sugar cookies, mini figure cake pops, chocolate Legos & more!



making circle paper garlands with the same colors as the ribbons. I have their initials stamped to the white circles

Lego guys can hold birthday candles? Interesting...

Complete the Lego cake with a series of Lego candle holders – simply Lego men holding birthday candles!