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"svaneti salt": salt, garlic, fenugreek, coriander, red chile pepper, black pep, caraway, etc..

Ingredient Spotlight: Svaneti Salt

When I'm in a dreaming and scheming mood, I often think about traveling to the Eurasian country of Georgia

Spicy Herbed Salt Mix

Spicy Herbed Salt Mix amps up the flavor on meats, vegetables, and even buttered bread

Ароматная соль с цедрой и розмарином

Ароматная соль с цедрой и розмарином

The View from Great Island | Minimal Monday: A Trio of Finishing Salts

Rosemary and Thyme Salt- The view from Great Island: Minimal Monday: A Trio of Finishing Salts

Вкусная соль рецепты

Вкусная соль рецепты

One of the most common sort of question we get here at The Kitchn starts like this: What do I do with ________? Fill in the blank: onions, lemons, exotic oils, coconut jam, duck fat, an abundance of hot peppers, quinoa, barley leftover pie dough, rice, pasta — the list goes on and on. Maybe you also are discovering some leftovers or challenging ingredients as you clean out your pantry and fridge for the Cure. Well, don't throw them away!  Start here first, and see if you can find an idea or…

The Kitchn's Ultimate Guide for Using Up Every Type of Food

Toasted caraway salt rub

Toasted Caraway-Salt Rub

When added either before or after cooking, this aromatic seasoning imparts deep flavor to lamb, beef, pork, or duck.