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Trollbeads Royal: This decorative bead has a pattern reminiscent of a king’s crown or the intricate decorations on a royal scepter Original Price: $44.00 Sale Price: $26.40

Trollbeads: Royal Bead, Silver - This Trollbead has a definite royal flair to it. Elegant and tightly composed, like the ornaments in a royal crown from an old fairytale.

Azure Bubbles

Azure Bubbles Bead, retired

"Azure Bubbles" Another one of my favorite colors!

Blue and White Unique Bead

Unique Glass Trollbeads are as individual as the glass artist that created them. Your Trollbeads collection can be equally unique if you collect these beads.

Wish: Stelle e Strisce

Trollbeads: Star Spangled Bead - Stars shine bright through fireworks of red, white and blue, the inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s “The Star-Spangled Banner,” a poem written in 1814 that now stands as our national anthem.

trollbeadsakron.com - Rooster, $52.00 (http://trollbeadsakron.com/rooster/)


Zodiac Trollbeads is a set of 12 silver Trollbeads all depicting the different zodiac signs. The Rooster Zodiac bead has images of a rooster.

Silver bead in a joyful, spiraling and curving pattern. We found that looking at it made us joyful!This was a Limited Edition release. Limited Editions are rare or unique beads which are only released in very small quantities, and which are only available in stores until sold out.

Trollbeads: Joyful Bead - Silver bead in a joyful, spiraling and curving pattern. We found that looking at it made us joyful! This is a limited edition bead.

Trollbeads original authentic CURIOSITA' TAGBE-20175

Trollbeads original authentic CURIOSITA' TAGBE-20175

Trollbeads Gallery - Trollbeads Trio 1124, $138.00 (https://www.trollbeadsgallery.com/trollbeads-trio-1124/)

Trollbeads Trio 1229

A Trollbeads Trio of 3 beads with the unifying colors being pink & green. This trio is a great design for your Trollbeads bangle bracelet.

trollbeads! One of my favorites

Trollbeads: Turquoise Prism - The purple sheen of the glass suits this turquoise bead well. The two colors both complement and challenge each other; darkness and light, feminine and masculine.

Trollbeads Gallery - Daydream Blossom With A Twist:29, $31.00 (http://www.trollbeadsgallery.com/daydream-blossom-with-a-twist-29/)

Magical Lamp Bead With A Twist: 25

Trollbeads Daydream Blossom With A Twist limited edition

Ox | Ref: LE11401-2

Fashion Is a Popular Style

Compass Trollbead ...this is such an awesome bead!

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