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Happens way too often. Especially when they do something stupid. :)

I actually talk to the characters on TV shows I watch and movies I watch. You know I like movie or TV show when I talk to it.if I don't talk to it.it either means I am LOVING it or hating it.if I talk to it they just don't listen

Yeah, every year

Teenager Posts Of The Week: Wake Me Up When It's Christmas Break Happens to me all the time and takes me forever to get my birthday list staright


This is one of the best teenager posts. Music really helps to calm me when I feel depressed. listen to your favorite song.

Pajamas, jeans and.. a different pair of jeans

This is my life in one teenager post. I have like 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of leggings and that's how I live my life

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my crush is always staring at me when I try to stare at him and then we make eye contact, look away, and start blushing.

Teenager post

OMG I do that every single time xx just to see if they're really dumb and can't spell xx

lol my sister tries doing that all the time, i wanna try

Teenager Post I've always wanted to turn around in a big chair and say "I've been expecting you.