ysl coat dress with reed krakoff neon cross body. Illustration by Teri Chung.


Live for The Applause! This fully magnified reader has a lightweight frame and contrasting, flexible wire temples

Ilustración personalizada retrato por RongrongIllustration en Etsy

Custom illustration , Custom portrait, Fashion Illustration by Houston fashion Illustrator Rongrong DeVoe, more fashion sketches at www.

Teri Chung Illustration-5

Teri Chung Illustration-5

Teri Chung creates art that reflects the quintessential feminine, the cakes, the runway, the red lipstick and the watercolor

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a knit version of the top could be interesting. of course a bit longer. i don't want my tum tum showing.

Character clothing | Rachel Seton | partial inspiration for badass Valentine dance velvet coatdress | YA fiction

Rachel wears a velvet coatdress like this one to the Valentine dance she'd rather forget.