YES!! Nico Diangelo

Me: Nico. Nico: *blushes* Um… maybe…? Me: Hehe… that"s cute… Nico: *shadow travels to China*<<<Hahaha XD

If I live in the Pokemon world then I would never have been clear sighted. I never believed that monsters existed.

OMG i just realized that Sally said at one point that as she got older she got less and less clear-sighted wtf. this is practically canon

So what's Poseidon's sassy name?

I used to only (barely actually) know who Zeus was out of the Olympians before I read PJO, but know I know Zeus is only a lucky god for knowing who Persassy is.

Oh Percy.... You are so hopeless...

It takes 10 books for Percy to realize Riptide can be used as an actual pen and even then it was Annabeth who figured it out

This post hurts my eyes.

That's MY Nico

Percy Jackson & Mulan yaaaass<<<YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS, even if they missed Frank it's amazhang! He's Shang from Mulan at the end of the book!

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