Dont leave - Percy

Percy is ten times hotter than Leo(not fire wise) but he's also cooler

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It's even better because we're reading The Odyssey in class and Odysseus is like the biggest smart Alec ever it's great.//Percy agrees with Annabeth.

NICO I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU BUT THIS: YOU SHOULD OF SAID "We are. You're dating a prince, remember?"

Oh shit Nico😂😂 Percy and Annabeth tho😂😂💦💦🔥🔥 Aphrodite shut her add up after that lmfao😂😂 serves her damn right thoo

Percy Jackson

Annabeth would never cheat in Monopoly. It would hurt her too much that she didn't win fair and square.<<<didn't see that coming

CAN WE NOT. NO. NOT. OKAY. <---- Yes. Yes. Some write me a fanfiction about this<< I WANT TO WRITE THIS

Percy if Annabeth fell.<<< this actually gave me the chills, i am glad this didn't happen.