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Camp Half-Blood cabins+ Gods and goddesses symbols

Which cabin are you in demigods? I am a daughter of Hephaestus. Where are my brothers and sisters? Daughter of Poseidon, PRESENT!

Heroes of Olympus - The Battle of The Labyrinth - Characters - Adventure - Tragedy

Heroes of Olympus - The Battle of The Labyrinth - Percy Jackson - Compliments to the artist :)

He loves it. #MCA

But can we talk about how magnus was actually wearing a wiggles shirt in SoS

Every girl in the Fandom has a crush on Leo Valdez DEAL WITH IT

deal with it. Only people apart of the fandom will understand this. Deal with it. Ever heard of food coloring.

Directo al Tartaro...

Leo + Reyna, Luke + Annabeth, Percy + Rachel Never ever! Well Leo and Reyna never really bothered me. <<< You should get health insurance against the PJ fandom. We're coming for you.

Day 7 least favorite major Greek god/goddess: HERA!

Cabin two. I am only pinning this so that Hera doesn't curse this board. Even in camp half blood they had a cabin in her honor