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Omg Genji is using Naruto’s catch phrase Also, if you use auto-correct if you type ‘Naruto’ it shows this emoji 🍥 which is his signature topping in his ramen

Is this true?

Is this true?

And for Bastion, Pharah to duck in and out of cover while firing rockets, widow or Hanzo to snipe where the fire can't accurately hit you, or roadhog who can pull him out of the formation with his hook

Baliza (sombra) + Junckrat  Overwatch

That sad moment when the Sombra your waiting to catch doesn’t translocate back

Overwatch characters react to Zelda: BotW

This is popular overwatch characters breathing to their playstyles in Zelda.

I'd have the same reaction tbh overwatch, mercy, junkrat, tracer, widowmaker

Hilarious Genji art :)

Whelp some matches really do feel like that. I should start doing some proper Overwatch fanart Overwatch - Genji meme

Why Hanzo is Secretly the Best Overwatch Character

Why Hanzo is Secretly the Best Overwatch Character

Engineer's bad lunch break

I take requests. I DO NOT own any of the Team Fortress 2 characters. Requests are open and probably always will be.

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