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If it won't play, put it on display!

If it won't play, put it on display!

9GAG - The best things in the world

The best things in the world

The best things in the world. Suzanne - I totally agree! The simple pleasures always mean the most.

Perfect pictures for perfectionists - Imgur

Incredible Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped.

21 Oddly Satisfying Pics That’ll Soothe Every Perfectionist’s Soul

21 Oddly Satisfying Pics That’ll Soothe Every Perfectionist’s Soul


What would an iPhone 5 look like if Apple's design department turned to the Magic Mouse for inspiration? That's the question ciccaresedesign attempts to answer with this sleek, curved iPhone 5 concept rendering.

Very clever, this acacia wood cheese board from The Cellar features a hidden layer that swivels out and stores knives for slicing and spreading. A must for every wine and cheese party. | Wood/stainles

The Cellar Serveware, Acacia Wood Cheese Board with Knife Set - Serveware - Dining & Entertaining - Macys Bridal and Wedding Registry

Instantly print polaroid photos, maps and QR codes with this innovative iPhone case concept.     Designer: Mac Funamizu   Concept: the Sophie

The Sophie iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid kidspot-products-we-love

To All The Perfectionists Out There, Enjoy

OCD people understand <<< I don't like the books shelf one because it isn't in order and is messy, though. Does this make more or less OCD? << More ocd, because you want them to be all the right way up etc, not just all fitted into the shelf

Check out this #Kahoot called '3rd Grade Milestone Math Review' on @GetKahoot. Play it now! https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/d9a96c22-c04f-420b-873d-8cc897efc533

Turning Your Classroom into a Highly Effective Learning Restaurant Classroom Restaurant Math Menu This week's special: Data With Marzano's Effective Educator checklists for both teacher and student;

voet - terapie

Reflexology works by stimulating pressure points on the feet that correspond with particular parts of the body. Massage the corresponding points on your feet.

All the recipes for make your own... Playdoh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk, finger paints, colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint, and more.

"All the recipes for make your own: Play doh bath paint colored pasta big bubbles sidewalk chalk finger paints colored rice glues spray paints pavement paint & more.


DIY Wall Clock Art Design Home Decor Watches The Hours ** You can find more details by visiting the image link. (This is an affiliate link)