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Massimo Dogana FU Shoes - Ever been in a bad mood where you just want to tell the world to F off? Now you can by wearing a pair of these Massimo Dogana FU Shoes, in which yo.


divine vintage pretty woman WALTER STEIGER fuschia silk bow polka dot cone heels via Etsy.


Developing Your Decor Toilet Tissue Holder. Pay homage to bygone gadgets by decking out your powder room with this camera-shaped toilet tissue holder! I found my next gift for Yankee Swap.

Alberto Guardiani is characterized by the shoes with lipstick heel which makes the women unable to resist the temptation of owning a pair. Shaped by lipstick-shaped heels in red and nude hues, these shoes expressed its sexy, feminine and witty beauty for passionate and seductive women.

alberto guardiani lipstick heel Funky And Unique Shoes That Are Eye Catching

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Jimmy Choo fashion shoes, high heels, sexy shoes, shoe fetish///OMG THIS IS ME.

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There are millions of different varieties of high heels, most being sexy. But, we have found the top 10 wackiest, coolest and funniest high heel pictures. You never know, you just might find some of these heels hot and sexy!

Los necesito para ser feliz

Los necesito para ser feliz

Summer Vibrant

Christian Louboutin Pitou Multicolored Tie Dyed Platform Sandals – Hot or Not?

hmmm... not sure how I feel about this yet.  It is unique to say the least.

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Maskull Lasserre - Outliers (barefoot)

Outliers is an art project by Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre that involves shoes that have been modified with rubber moldings to mimic animal footprints.


What fashion lover doesn't love shoes? I've compiled the strangest shoes in fashion today that even the biggest fashionista may or may not love. These shoes are innovative, funny, and some are even disturbing.


F*ck You Heels!

Massimo Dogana is an Italian shoe designer known for his flashy pieces for women. His latest series is his “Fuck You” shoes.