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His children and wife will thank us for the wonderful man we are raising.

When we do all we can for the glory of God, they'll learn to do the same for their future spouse & family.

for you Kyle with love and sweet memories. My love will last  lifetime

My son.you have succeed to be one of the most important men in my life. I love you for who you are, never change for anyone and continue to grow as life takes you by the hand and shows you the way of the world. I love you forever !

Our 25 Most Popular Pins of the Year: As the year comes to a close, we're taking some time to reflect on what was hot in the world of parenting in 2014 (did someone say "Let It Go?!").

Our 25 Most Popular Pins of the Year

My babies love this book. I Love You Forever. My favorite memory with my mom was always reading this book. She said this to me every night before bed till I was 15

Quote for the boys!

boys will be boys. I love my little man♥ If I could close my eyes for ONE day and go back I know which one I'd pick and spend it on that day and live there ALL day.GOD HOW I LOVE MY BOYS ♥ who are men now.