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Epic 6 & Letterpress Combo Kit w/ Bonus :: Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Kit and Accessories

how to use a letterpress

Instructions DIY letterpress wedding favor tags using the L Letterpress Epic tool. Create professional looking letterpress tags and other wedding paper

L Letterpress Tutorial !!

An L Letterpress tutorial for making diy letterpress gift tags using Boxcar Press' L Letterpress compatible plates.


Letterpress at the kitchen table

Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Starter Kit: Letterpress your own cards at home

Letterpress | L Letterpress from Lifestyle Crafts


In part one of our four part series on letterpress, Melissa takes a close look at the L Letterpress system from Lifestyle Crafts that is based on the Epic 6 machine.

Calendar stamp [via @Kelly Purkey]

ポンッとどこでもカレンダー。水縞 ハンコ 万年カレンダー

L Letterpress tips and tricks. Can't wait to try this, wonder if I can track down some of my old plates from college.

How to use the L Letterpress machine to make your own custom letterpress crafts!